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A.I. Revolutionizing Business Enterprises.

About Us
Farseer is an AI-powered smart investment analytics platform with cloud & API solutions around risk management (KYC & data driven asset price alert), investment research (ESG & MiFid II focus) & IR optimization, focus to empower a more efficient financial ecosystem. Our clients include security brokers, institutional investors, corporates, stock exchanges & financial bureau etc. across HK & China.

Our business partners include Caixin & Tsinghua PBCSF etc. We are showcased at the recent Davos World Economic Forum, among the 1st cohort of the HK AI Lab (founded by Alibaba & Sensetime).
Our Suite
Reasons to turn your decision into an intelligence.
A cutting-edge platform for Investment, Risk, and Reputation management.
  • Comprehensively empowers your research with an analytic dashboard, alert, and APP with trillions of alternative data from global news, social media, and capital market databases in one go.
  • Leverages the power of data feeds with your own systems.
  • Achieves efficiency with AI-recommended reports, providing quick insight into your portfolio.
  • Co-design the scientific index with topics e.g., ESG and H/A shares.
  • Why Farseer?
    Smart. Productivity. Cost saving.
    Your Asian

    Intelligence Partner

    Enhance the brand strategy with data intelligence to aid in the business, product trend monitoring, market analysis, and competitive analysis.
    Support investment, financial services, and investor relationship optimization by enhancing the efficiency of the financial ecosystem.
    Crisis management
    Scan all types of risk categories, including company, industry, management, and stock portfolio in different natures and sizes, filtering the noise.
    IFTA Fintech Achievement Award 2018: Investor Tech - Platinum (Startup)
    Hong Kong ICT Awards 2019: FinTech (RegTech, Risk Management and FinTech Security)
    FinTech Awards 2021 in Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Solution
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